Learn how to use our locator

For Nail Shop Owners:

  • Get a Directory Listing just for Signing Up or Claim an Existing One
  • Get Exclusive Access to Local Leads looking for Nail Services
  • We Offer Both Free and Premium Listing for your Business
  • Our Customers are Able to Provide Your Business with Reviews
  • Get Increased Exposure Today and Make More Sales for Your Business

A little more about our Model

Our Model is Simple. You can claim an existing listing or simply enter your information to be added to our directory. Our users are highly targeted and will be looking for Nail Salon type services. When they enter a location that is close or nearby your area, your listing will be found. It is as simple as that.

Why Premium Listings are Worth the Extra Cost

We Offer Premium Listing for Increased Information and Exposure. This extra exposure can be what your business needs to keep your doors open. We understand that in order to keep a local business running you need to have enough leads to cover your costs. We provide one of the largest amounts of exposure for nail salons across the United States of America.

When a user searches on our site how far down the page do you think they will scroll? How far would you scroll? The vast majority of businesses need to be in the “above the fold” area of the website. This means that if your listing is not in the top 3 positions then your exposure is limited. Our premium listings offer your business a way to ensure you sit in this prestigious positions.

If you have any further questions you can reach us via our contact page. We should have a response back to you with 24 hours of your submission except on weekends.